Homework Club

Many studies indicate that after school programs have had positive effects on math and language achievement. In London Bridge Kids Centre we help accelerate our children’s learning — from as young as preschool age all the way through transition in school, following their age, curriculum and individual path.

In preschool group we introduce our early learners to important math and reading skills and we prepare our children to enter school with a great head start and a strong foundation. We are developing children’s very first math skills, including counting, writing numbers, mental calculations and even addition and subtraction. Trough playful and creative exercises, making the learning process joy and fun.

In our afterschool club, we provide regular math and language classes supporting the child progress at his or her own pace through the individualized instructions, carefully planned and prepared by our experienced teachers. We provide daily assistance to children for their homework assignments building up their their sense of responsibility, confidence and learner’s independence.