Music Room

Different studies have proven that the comprehension of musical language can benefit a child’s overall mental development.
Further research revealed that musical training physically develops the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language and reasoning. As well as being a way of relieving stress, music could also help children to manage their feelings better by expressing them through language. It will give them the chance to exteriorise their emotion with the instrument they are playing. By improving their abilities with a specific instrument and achieving their goals, children can feel very satisfied and this can greatly improve their self-esteem. Taking risks and facing challenges is essential for a child in order to fully develop his or her potential.

That is why in London Bridge Kids we place the music education in the centre of our activities. We provide opportunities for all children from earliest age to be engaged into different forms of music exploration.

From an early age, we help children learn that certain songs bring feelings of wellbeing. Music with positive words and a happy sound creates an atmosphere of joy and communicates a message of safety and can be a wonderful tool to give them a feeling of peace and a sense of belonging. With a regular music session, familiar tunes make children feel “at home”.

In preschool and after school groups we provide regular music classes exploring the instruments of orchestra and children’s natural abilities to feel the music, sing and use the rhythm in a daily activities. In the London Bridge Kids Centre we provide free of charge piano lessons for all children as of age 3.5.